Cell Phone Repair Fort Lauderdale

Have you ever walked around, cell phone in hand, and accidentally dropped your phone face down on cement floor? I am sure that most of us have. We know what usually happens to our phones when this occurs. Your screen is cracked, and now you have to go and get it fixed. You know that this can cost you hundreds of dollars. It is crazy to think that something so insignificant can cost so much money. With Phone Fix ICU, you do not have to waste all that money to repair your cell phone. Phone Fix ICU is a full cell phone repair service in Fort Lauderdale that can fix your phone whenever and wherever you are.

Full-Service Cell Phone Repair Fort Lauderdale

Cell phone repair Fort LauderdaleYou have something else on your phone that you need to fix? No problem. Our cell phone repair services are not just limited to cracked or broken screens, but we can fix just about anything on your phone that is not working properly. If for some reason, one of your cameras is malfunctioning, we have the necessary tools to fix that problem. If somehow your volume or mute buttons are not working properly, we can take care of that too. No task is too complicated for us. We can fix any problem you have, and we have the expertise to do that on any Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phones.

Affordable Cell Phone Repair

Usually, when you have a cracked or broken screen and take it to get fixed, you will be charged hundreds of dollars. With Phone Fix ICU in Fort Lauderdale, you know that you will be getting the most affordable cell phone repair service in the area. We love offering our extremely low prices to our customers; it is what sets us apart from the rest. You can rest assured that with us, you will get your phone fixed fast and affordably.

Our Cell Phone Repair Service Includes:
  • Broken GlassFort Lauderdale cell phone repair
  • Broken LCD
  • Volume Button
  • Front Camera
  • Back Camera
  • Mute Button
  • And much more
The Phones We Service:
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • Galaxy S 6 Edge
  • Galaxy S 6
  • Galaxy Core Prime
  • Galaxy S III
  • Any iPad or Samsung Tablet
  • And More

All the services mentioned above are done so with us at an affordable rate. Please give us the privilege of servicing you with your cell phone repair needs. You may visit our office in Fort Lauderdale. We just want you to have a fully functioning phone. Call us now!